Vin Dunning had previously worked at the Gaumont before moving across to the Music Hall as second projectionist. There he had to adjust to the confines of a very small projection room, because of this he had contemplated returning to the Gaumont, but remained at the Music Hall.

He was gifted with skills of the cinematography business,  together with the necessary expertise in the operation and maintenance of precision machinery. He was well versed in all aspects of photography which led to his career change, becoming manager at Will R Rose photographic shop in Bridge Street.

With all his knowledge of traditional cinema projection, he embraced the new digital cinema technology with an ease of understanding that is exceptional for his generation. He remained interested, and positive with his progressive thinking towards today’s cinema business, and could converse at all levels of technical understanding.

Vin was an amiable, mild mannered  man. A well respected  friend and colleague to many Chester cinema employees, always keeping in touch with his former associates.

Sadly Vin Dunning is no longer with us, but it was more that a pleasure to have had the good fortune of knowing him.

Peter Daviescopyright white


ROY INGRAM~ projectionist