Windsor Cinema, Belfast.

Windsor Cinema

Donegall Road,

Belfast, BT12

Date opened: Saturday 23rd March 1935.

First film shown: “Yes, Mr. Brown”, starring Jack Buchanan.

Date Closed: 1970


Original Seating Capacity: 1250

Windsor cinema

The Windsor cinema on the Donegal Road Belfast opened for business on Saturday 23rd March 1935. It had seating for 1,250 and would cater for people in an area that was a rapidly growing residential area, which was popularly known as the Bog meadows. Proceeds from the opening performance, which was ‘Yes, Mr Brown’ went to the Royal Victoria and Mater hospitals. It was stated that it was the widest cinema in the city, being sixty- two feet in breadth. The proscenium was constructed to give a beautiful rock garden effect. Steps led up to the screen, which had a sliding curtain of crimson silk.

The opening report states that the screen was made of perforated rubber. The cinema had its own electricity supply and much of the work was carried out by local labour. In 1970 the cinema closed and became a carpet warehouse. After a fire the building was demolished and in the late 1990s the site was occupied by a disable care centre.

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