Park Cinema

Coronation Street, Saltney,

Chester, CH4



Date opened – Monday 21st May 1923      

Capacity:  489 seats

Architect:   Mr. J. H. Davies.

Date closed – Saturday 2nd May 1959       

Building extant. Internally restructured for office use.



We have David A Ellis to thank for this unique picture of the auditorium of the PARK CINEMA, St Mark’s Road, Saltney. Although grainy, it gives an insight of what the cinema looked like inside



The Park Cinema, St. Marks Road, Saltney, opened on Monday 21st May 1923 as a silent cinema. The cinema was designed by J. H. Davies of Chester. The opening USA film was  Sherlock Holmes  (re-named for it’s UK release as ~ Moriaty).



 the final film, finishing it’s run on Saturday 2nd May 1959


The Park cinema remained in business for nearly 36 years closing in the late 1950s with The Camp On Blood Island.  The building still exists.  Since closure the unit has been home to several local businesses.

PARK CINEMA. Present day


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