David Ellis 1

David has a background in cinema, working in Chester (Classic), Liverpool and Warrington, and at the BBC. He has the respect of the industry for producing well researched articles on cinemas which appear on a regular basis in newspapers and magazines. He is an excellent reference for accuracy, both on cinemas, and the numerous people who were employed in them. He is passionate about research into cinema history, and never tires of producing the most intricate and in-depth detail in his well written pieces. David has kindly agreed to be part of this website. He has spent hundreds of hours diligently researching into Chester cinemas rich history. Strict copyright exists on all his pictures and editorial features.


davids book

He is the author of In Conversation with Cinematographers and~Conversations with Cinematographers.

davids book

David Ellis having interviewed some of the influential and highly regarded cameramen of the last half century and more, and he has assembled these exchanges. Both books are readily available from AMAZON or other book sellers.
His colourful interviews with stars of stage and screen are often published in the press.