Palace Cinema, Buckley, Flintshire.

Palace Cinema, Lane End, Buckley. c1920s

Palace Cinema

Lane End,
Buckley, CH7


Proprietors : Buckley Picture House Ltd.

Opened: Friday 20th December 2017

Closed: During 1965/66.

Capacity: 500 seats.

First General Manager: Sinclair Ormonde.


The Palace Cinema, Buckley.

Originally there were plans to include a Post Office, printing works, billiard hall and a cinema.

Thomas Cropper.

The new Picture Palace opened on Friday 20th December 2017 under the ownership of Thomas Cropper. According to local newspaper reports for the opening, the cinema had nearly 500 tip-up chair seats which were located in the stalls and balcony. The stage was of  reasonable proportions with anterooms on either side. The building was supplied with electricity that was generated on site by a National gas engine driving a dynamo. The local supply, North Wales Power, did not reach Buckley until 1925.

Situated in the rear stalls, the projection room was separate from the auditorium as required by law, and  there were four exits. The interior decoration was described as giving ” a pleasing effect”.

The entrance doors were glazed from half way up. The entrance hall was small with a basic wooden staircase. The balcony had three divisions of stepped seating. The stalls floor was flat which gave customers a pain in the neck, particularly if they sat near to the screen.  The stage area was formed by having two sharply angled walls on either side of the screen. A large shaped pelmet was hung above the screen with dark red leaf patterned curtains (tabs). Initially, the secondary lighting supply was by gas supply.

When the “talkies” arrived  at the Palace during 1930,  it was by means of a British Acoustic sound system.

The business was operated by Mr. J. Jervis who took control from 1936.

Seat prices remained modest during his tenure with tickets priced between 6d to 1/-.

By the 1960s a succession of new owners were at the helm, including Mrs E T Roberts and her nephew, Barry Flannagan. Eventually Wedgewood Cinemas purchased it, only to quickly dispose of it.  The cinema was demolished during 1975.

“THE END” of the Palace Buckley. c1975.


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