Tivoli Cinema, Buckley, Flintshire.

Tivoli Cinema

Brunswick Road,

Buckley, CH7 2EF



Proprietors: Buckley Picture House Ltd.

Architect:  R. Lloyd Roberts.

Opened:  Monday 25th May 1925 

Date Closed as a cinema:  1961

Capacity: 960 seats.

Final film shown:  “Breath Of Scandal” starring Sophia Loren


Tivoli cinema, Buckley.


Robert Rowlands of Broughton, Flintshire, joined the board of directors of the Buckley Picture House Ltd  who appointed the architect- R. Lloyd Roberts of Mold to design the structure and Hayes Brothers of Buckley to build it.  The Tivoli was built in twelve months on the site previously occupied by the Central Hall, opening on Monday 25th May 1925 as a theatre /cinema venue.

Under construction- The Tivoli cinema. c 1924

The new theatre/cinema seated 960 people and had a proscenium opening of 38ft in width. The stage area measured 45ft x 23ft, with six dressing rooms to accommodate the artists. Professional touring companies and amateur dramatics made appearances on the Tivoli stage.

Initially the silent films were projected from the rear stage onto a translucent screen.  It is thought that this practice ended when the theatre brought in sound.  A projection room was then installed at the rear of the balcony. The sound equipment was the little known “Filmophone” system.

During 1937 ownership of the building was transferred to Stanley Grimshawe Theatres Ltd. Finally Byrom Pictures Ltd. of Liverpool took control.  The building was turned over to bingo use during 1961 when Byrom sold off all their cinemas.

In the mid 1980s the venue was in use as a night club/ music venue, which it has remained with the name Tivoli still on the building.

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