Tatler (Classic) Cinema, Chester.~ Staff

dualling Pegasus B


Tatler projectionists in the 1950’s.              Left-Stanley Davies.    2nd from Right- Albert Gerrard




MARGARET (PEGGY) RAWSON~    General Manager early 1960s

A lady well remembered and liked by movie goers to the Classic cinema during the 1960s was the general manager, Margaret (Peggy) Rawson. Her efficient and charming manner ensured visiting the Classic was a pleasure. She was known for her film promotions, such as “The Finest Hours”, when she arranged a special viewing and Civic reception inline with the city’s tributes to Sir Winston Churchill.

Her son, Tony Rawson followed her into cinema management with the ABC circuit. In 1985 Tony was selected as a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust … What goes around comes around! Thanks Mum xx.


EILEEN FORSHAW~  General Manager mid 1960s

MRS. WALTON~ secretary/cashier mid-late 1950s

CATHERINE PARRY~  secretary/cashier

Staff at the closing of the Classic cinema, Chester (inset picture~Kath Jones,  second from left~ Helen Jones,  far right~ Wendy Lewis)

TONY JONES~  chief projectionist late 50s

GRAHAM JONES~  2nd projectionist late 1950s

BOB (MICK) CARRINGTON~ projectionist mid to late 1950s

JOHN JEFFREYS~  third projectionist mid 50s

Ron Evans

Ron Evans, started his cinema career at the Classic Cinema where he quickly learned the skills of projecting and presenting films. He later moved to the nearby ABC Theatre where he is pictured above. Ron had taken promotion there in the early to mid 1960’s. At the ABC he was responsible for not just showing films, but for organizing the immense amount of technical maintenance that was associated with a cinema of that size (2016 seats). He was involved with the preparations in converting the cinema stage in readiness for the highly successful pop shows, meeting many of the major stars who appeared on stage at that time.

RON EVANS~  third projectionist late 50s

CLIVE HOLDSTOCK~  chief projectionist early 1960s

SID BROWN~  second projectionist early 60s

PETER DAVIES~  part-time third projectionist early 60s

JOHN LIGHTFOOT~  second projectionist early 60s

eric Monkhouse AERIC MONKHOUSE ~ 2nd projectionist mid 1960s

EDDIE ROWLANDS~  third projectionist mid 60s

DAVID ELLIS~  third projectionist mid 60s

DOUG WILCOX~ projectionist

JOHN LIGHTFOOT BY PROJECTOR.b JOHN LIGHTFOOT~  chief projectionist mid/late 60’s (final chief)

TOMMY WILLETS~  doorman/boiler-man early 60s

BARBARA CAIN~ usherette

KATH JONES~ manager

SHIRLEY SHAW~ usherette


WENDY LEWIS~ usherette

Charlie Bowden

CHARLIE BOWDEN~ Charlie Bowden,  trainee/fourth projectionist

If you worked at the Tatler/Classic, or know of a relative or friend who did, please contact us so we can add their name to the staff list