ABC Regal Cinema, Chester.~ Technical


The Projection Room had two Ross projectors with Peerless arcs (later changed ~ check HISTORY page). A Robert Rigby Ltd bi-unial slide projector, and two Ross “D” arc spot lights were there from the original installation. During 1964 the spots were replaced with Strand follow spots/limes, in readiness for the first stage show featuring the Rolling Stones.

The Strand Electric Switchboard, situated in the projection room, controlled numerous banks of auditorium lights, and stage lighting consisting of nine profile projector pageants, with four motorised colour changes over three circuits. Triple circuits feeding two side towers of side dips .Overhead batten lighting, and separate banked pageant lighting, all with three circuits.  There was no lighting board on stage.The radial resistance room supplying the variable power to the projectors, spots, slide lantern, together with all the auditorium and stage lighting was adjacent to the lighting board that was situated in the projection room.
Other rooms on the same level as the projection room included the battery room, circle extract room(the stalls extract was located next to the manager’s office). Rewind room, The combined extract & intake fan controls, and two enormous mercury rectifier globes. The staff room and cheif projectionist’s office. white